Texona Marketing is a well-established and fully-fledged digital marketing agency. We are dedicated to protecting the online privacy of our valued customers and offer them complete confidentiality when they browse through our website for our services. While you may use most of the features on our website anonymously, there are still some features that may require you to input necessary information. We assure you that your online surfing experience will remain private and we do not collect any information without solicitation by you. We also do not sell our customer’s information to any third party entity.

Personal Information of Clients

There are various ways in which Texona Marketing collects the personal information of their customers, such as through order forms and subscription forms. Rest assured, however, that all information collected is protected under our strict privacy policy. Not a single bit of information is shared or sold to third party entities.

The personal information collected of the customers included their name, email, company name, and contact number. All details are not shared with any individual or company and are confidential.

At Texona Marketing, we use the information collected from our customers of our customers for order processing purposes as well as responding to their order-related queries, and emailing them pre-release information like new offers/discounts.

Other Necessary Information

Apart from the personal information stated above, we also collect other necessary information like:

  • IP address
  • Browser cookies
  • Browser version
  • Operating system
  • Date and time of website visitation

These server-side details are used to enhance your user experience at our website. This information helps our in-house web developers to ensure that our website stays user-friendly and easy-to-use for our customers no matter where they log in from on. All of this information is kept behind a highly secured SSL encrypted server.

And while the customer may disable cookies from being collected, that may in turn restrict the customer from accessing some features of our website.

Third Party Information

While we do not reveal our customer’s information to anyone, our customer’s payment information (such as credit card details) will need to go through a payment portal (like Paypal) for order processing.

Alteration in Privacy Policy

Texona Marketing reserves the right to alter the privacy policy at their sole discretion. Our customers will be notified via email prior any change implemented in the privacy policy.



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